A 14-year-old girl was injured when part of the ceiling collapsed at a shopping centre

mortally wounded A 14 years old to do PiraeusAfter fall Part of the roof Mall, due to strong winds over the weekend.

In particular, on Saturday (29/6) at noon, a large plexiglass from the roof of the shopping center fell and hit 14-year-old neck, and consequently she hurtAccording to the star.

“He didn’t have his head cut off until two centimeters, the doctors told us. The baby He fell, FaintedIn a coma, an ambulance came and later she recovered,” the 14-year-old’s father told the same media.

“The child was just released this afternoon (from the hospital). Beyond them No help. A person who was a doctor was barred from helping,” he added.

Panic scenes – 14-year-old boy’s family to take legal action

In Video While a music event was taking place, the large piece was seen thrown from the ceiling and landed in the center of the mall, the Star reported.

An eyewitness described the moment the girl was injured and the scenes that followed People to do is running To hide to avoid injury.

«We saw a large plexiglass About 20 to 30 square meters were detached from the roof of the mall and fell on a girl, injuring her and hitting her on the head. The girl fainted and fell down. Scenes of panic followed,” said a witness.

A family of a 14-year-old boy Legal action will be taken against the company It manages the shopping center area.

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