A rare name to celebrate today

The Orthodox Church today honors the memory of Agia Fevronia

Accordingly Saint.gr Saint Fevronia, a nymph loved for her physical beauty. But so is her pure soul. For this reason, at the age of 17, he chose the path of exercise and sobriety in the monastery where his aunt Brini was abbess and in Mesopotamia (in the city of Nisivos, called Antioch of Mykdonia. Bordering the Byzantine and Persian state).

Soon, in his youth, he adapted to the strict rules of solitary life, while finding time to study and study the Holy Scriptures. She became a role model among other nuns for her prudence, her zeal, her will and her humble attitude.

However, one day, a military unit headed by Celinus (288 AD) came to Fevronia’s monastery to persecute the Christians. The other nuns managed to escape, but the sick Ajia could not move. Abbess Vreney and Sister Thomas were close to her.

The soldiers, upon seeing Fevronia, marveled at her beauty. So they left three men to guard her, and the rest returned and reported it to their leader Selenos. He immediately ordered her to be brought before him.

He suggested to Fevronia that he give her as a wife to his nephew Lysimachus, who would gain great fame with him. Fevronia, however, wanted to become “a partaker of the glory of the coming revelation” (1 Peter, v. 1). She desired, that is, to be a sharer in the glory that would be revealed at the second coming, and with much courage she resented the designs of Selinus, and after tormenting her, finally slew her with the sword.

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