Apostolos Litras: He transferred to AT, New Philadelphia

They took him out the back door of AT Ballini – tomorrow he will be transferred to Evalpitan

Apostolos Litras: He transferred to AT, New Philadelphia

Apostolos Litras was transferred to New Philadelphia’s AD after turning himself in to Pallini’s AD on Wednesday night.

Police escorted him out the back door of the Pallini Police Station and took him to the New Philadelphia Police Station, where he would spend the night. He will be produced in Evalpitan on Thursday morning and will be remanded in custody.

Earlier, in his statements to reporters outside AD Ballini to lift the restrictions imposed on him after the arrest warrant issued against him, he clarified that he had nothing to do with what happened on Tuesday night.

«I heard there was an arrest warrant and came alone. Last night had nothing to do with me. I am really surprised. It was my daughter’s initiative because her sister had to go to Cyprus and she needed money. “My wife doesn’t believe anything will happen because she has a great relationship with Sophia,” the noted criminologist is quoted as saying.

“A message came that Eva would be stopping by to pick up some things. I messaged her but no reply. Because of the great relationship they had, they thought nothing would happen. My ex-wife and George are lawyers. No threatening message. I will pay for my mistake. Getting to the extremes.

“I want to go back in time. There was no other incident. All I have to say is three children. I don’t expect you journalists to respect that. My people who listen to me will understand. The responsibility is mine, not the family,” he concluded.

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