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Athina Economakou and Oh Philip MikopoulosAfter living together for 10 years they decided to go their separate ways. The two released a joint statement to the news media on 4/26.

“After 10 years together and the birth of our two children, we are in the unpleasant position of announcing the end of our marriage.

Our children are what bind us forever, as loving parents, we will always support them with boundless love. Their well-being is our priority in this new chapter of our lives, and we ask for your understanding to ensure our children’s privacy and protect them from unwanted publicity and attention.

For this reason, we strongly recommend the media to refrain from publishing or republishing related stories to handle this situation with sensitivity and respect, to protect their mental well-being and to protect our children’s smooth transition to this new reality.

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and willingness to respect this self-evident requirement of ours.

yours truly,

Philippos Michopoulos and Athena Oikonomakou”, he said. Almost two months later, Athena Domestic worker She seems to have moved on in her personal life after appearing with him New her Partner Coldplay in concert!

In fact, the related video was shown “breakfastHis ANT1 By George Lyaka. As everything shows, Athena Ekonomakov found love in the face of 37-year-old Bruno Serela. He dabbles in real estate and more while playing basketball in the second national team in Italy. Of course, his impressive presentation didn’t go unnoticed, while the fact that he’s 1.94cm tall is worth noting!

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