Corona virus: SOS Majorkin for FLiRT mutation

Number of hospitalizations and diagnoses Corona virussaid Gigas MallorcaWhile talking to the FM agency, when FLiRT rings the bell about the mutation.

The rise of the corona virus

Compared to last year, during the same period, where the epidemiological curve was downward, this year we see that we have entered an upward trend. The corresponding boom period in summer 2023 was 4 to 5 weeks later. Therefore, there is a shift that expands earlier. It’s too early to say for sure, but there’s a significant chance that increased traffic will begin earlier than this This summerMr. Majorkinis noted.

As he clarifies, inhalations are currently low, although it is too early to draw safe conclusions because they usually result in longer hospitalizations, while he says they are at very low levels in terms of deaths. But how does he characterize the current phase and how does he see the epidemic curve clearing this summer? “Based on the data we have, there is a significant possibility that we are in an exponential growth phase, which means we will see imports continue to increase, but we do not expect anything dramatic, which will put pressure on the health system.”

The new FLiRT stems are very contagious outdoors

Summer outbreaks depend on the arrival of mutant strains that are more capable of spreading and evading immunity, the professor says, and this particular outbreak this year is associated with the arrival of so-called FLiRT variants. They are called from the amino acids in the spike protein, and it is not a specific strain, but a collection of strains such as KP.2, JN.1,7, which is responsible for the virus’s very easy spread. Even in open spaces.

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«For this reason, it is better for susceptible people to wear a mask when having sex, get tested when they have symptoms, and get timely treatment, which means taking antiviral drugs.».

Covid-19 is currently the most important pandemic

At another point in his interview, Mr Gigas Mallorca Emphasize that Covid-19 remains the same Major infection It is present and causes morbidity, mortality and mortality. It is a very serious disease for those who are susceptible, who should take preventive measures. “The National Vaccination Committee in Greece recommends annual vaccination for vulnerable groups, including people aged 60-65 years. However, some highly susceptible individuals may need a second dose, which should be discussed with their doctors. For example, in the UK, people over 75 can get a second dose within a year. For people under 60, For people with no underlying health problems, there are no recommendations for a booster dose.”

When asked if existing vaccines could include the new FLiRT strains, Mr Mr. Majorkinis He replied, “They are not 100%, but a single dose of the vaccine in September boosts immunity and gives one better protection than not getting vaccinated. The effectiveness seems to be 50-60%, which is a very important percentage for a preventive vaccine.”

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