Domestic violence: Famous crime expert’s wife severely beaten – weapons found in her home

A prominent lawyer arrested for domestic violence has been remanded in custody after his wife suffered severe head injuries, a broken nose and an injured tongue.

According to a report on Mega’s main news channel, the woman accompanied her husband to a private clinic after midnight on Sunday (16/06) after falling down the stairs.

But when the doctor examined her she was found to have multiple injuries and more specifically? A heavy blow to the head, a broken nose, an injury to the tongue — possibly a bite — a blow that could only have been inflicted by a human hand, he reported to the police as a result of an incident at home. Violence.

The lawyer was arrested and charged – guns were found in his home

When the emergency police arrived there, they saw a 52-year-old lawyer and his wife. The couple said the 37-year-old woman fell down the stairs and had no reason to call police.

Nevertheless, the well-known lawyer was arrested and taken to the public prosecutor, who prosecuted him for causing grievous bodily harm.

He was later taken to the interrogator, from whom he was given a deadline of tomorrow to apologize and remains in custody.

According to the information, although the lawyer initially He was found at the detention center in Gada and has been detained at AT Syntagma for the past few hours.

After an ELAS operation at his home, two weapons were taken away.

The doctor’s diligence

The doctor who examined her insisted that her injuries were not caused by human hands and not from a fall, while when the 37-year-old woman was asked if these injuries came from her husband, she replied. firm.

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As the doctor noted in his testimony, the 37-year-old woman initially told him that she had been assaulted by the famous criminologist and that she had not fallen down the stairs.

However, it is not known why he changed his claims, along with a well-known lawyer, who insisted that the injuries were caused by a fall down the stairs.

In her statement, she said that she had fallen down the stairs and did not want her husband to be prosecuted.

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