Doukas letter lights fire in PASOK

Implicitly but not clearly, Mr. Haris Doukas, Mr. Androlakis is in a unique position because he can use the party structure from his position for his personal promotion. Of course, Mr. Daukas didn’t directly say such a thing, but his move to send this letter implies that.

In his letter to the chairman and members of PASOK-KINAL’s committee on ethics, law enforcement and certification, he requests that the current Athens mayor and candidate examine 7 issues considering the internal party elections.

In particular, 2 debates should be held, the ethics of conduct of all administrators and the conditions for conducting the election campaign should be created, but the register of members should be officially provided to all candidates, Haris Daukas requests with his letter. and operating friends.

As is known, Mr. The registration of members and friends of the movement, the press office, the social media of the movement, are all in the hands of Androlakis.

That is why Mr. Doukas urges all candidates to present their programs and proposals with transparent political action.

Apparently the bureaucratic apparatus of the movement Mr. Not owned by Androlakis, all those who have declared themselves as candidates for the leadership of PASOK should have access to the same data. There should be equality in submission of candidates.

“Basok – the election of the leader of the movement for change is a great process that should be carried out with moderation and responsibility, based on transparency, focusing on the political positions of the candidates. Without the ugly and personal conflicts that hurt our world. But by treating all candidates equally by the central mechanism of our party, says Mr. Dougas. , this can only be taken as a peak.

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At the same time, the Mayor of Athens insists: “The promotion of the opinions of all candidates, through the press office and the social media of the movement.

Official distribution to all candidates of the Register of Members and Friends of the Movement

The process of electronically linking the elections according to the standards of 2017 and 2021, so that there is complete transparency in the process,” Mr. Doukas added: “We request you to call a meeting as soon as possible, with the participation of all the candidates for the presidential election, before your final decision, we will discuss the above plans. can be discussed.

There is currently no response to the letter, but its content is sure to be subject to discussion and consultation in the run-up to the election to clarify everything.

However, with particular interest in Charilaou Trikoupis, they await the moves of Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou, who has not yet taken a clear position on her potential candidacy.

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