Election in France: Le Pen wins with 34.5% of the vote – Macron third

With 57.5% of the votes counted, his dominance Marine Le Pen It is clear. A few minutes ago, the French – with a high turnout – went to the polls amid a polarized atmosphere in the first round of parliamentary elections that ended at 9pm Greek time.

putting together 34.5% Votes National alertHis far-right party Marine Le Pen According to the main French polling agencies, it took first place in the first round of the French parliamentary elections.

The second place is occupied by a freshman Popular Front With the left-wing parties 29.1%The Third place Close to the President Macron row with 21.5 % Republicans are fourth at 10%.

According to an estimate by Ipsos Number of MPs Elected in the first round of parliamentary elections in France, i.e. those who gather more than 50% of the electorate 65 to 85. Also, according to the same agency, the constituencies where the three candidates will qualify are 285 to 315 out of a total of 577 single-seat constituencies.

According to France’s electoral system Second round The top two finishers in the first round qualify, as do candidates with more than 12.5% ​​of registered voters.

At his election 2022 Where Neglect It was More than 50% Only three candidates qualified in five constituencies. In today’s parliamentary elections, the constituencies where three candidates qualify are very high, with 30% non-voters.

There will be a national alert by Marine Le Pen 390 to 430 areasAccording to Ipsos, the left-wing Popular Front will have 370 to 410 districts, while the Macron faction will have 290 to 330 districts.

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The French President in his statement Emmanuel Macron In the face of national alarm, he said the time had come for a broad coalition with a clear democratic direction in the second round. From the side of the Popular Front, it is clear that the Popular Front candidates qualify for the second round and in the constituencies in third place, they will withdraw, while Le Pen is guided to vote against any opponent. Party. Instead, the Republican Party made it clear that it would not provide voting direction.

Marine Le Pen: The Macron camp practically disappeared in the election

The “Macron camp” has “practically disappeared”, far from President Emmanuel Macron’s camp, declared Marine Le Pen, who won the first round of parliamentary elections in France.

French showed “his desireTurn the page Macron’s contempt and corrosive power in seven years as head of state stressed Le Pen, who was elected in the first round in her constituency.

He also invited the French to give RN “Entire Majority” In the National Assembly.

Jordan Bardela: French “have given their final verdict”

Mr Jordan BardelaA far-right leader.

The second round of parliamentary elections on July 7 will be “one of the most decisive in the entire history of the Fifth Republic”, which was founded in 1958. Bardela insisted he wanted to be “prime minister of all the French people”. A “prime minister of harmony, which respects the constitution” but will be “uncompromising”.

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “A heavy and undeniable defeat” for President Macron

The leader of the far left has called the first round of parliamentary elections in France, in which the majority of the French president’s camp became the third political force, a “severe and undeniable defeat” for head of state Emmanuel Macron. Jean-Luc Mélenchon

“According to our principles and our consistent positions in all previous elections, (…) in a situation where we appear as the first force (extreme right, national alarm), when we are in third place, we will withdraw. Our candidacy,” Mélenchon said.

“We have seven days to save France from disaster,” said left-wing MEP Raphael Glucksmann.

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