Eleni Menegaki: This is the first time she has responded to Mega’s decision

A few days before his final at Mega, H Eleni Menegaki She gave her own answers to everything that was said about her throughout the season.

The debate began when journalist Haris Lepitakis noted that his television coverage of the anchor had slipped.

“Actually, you all are playing with me (on TV Report) because no one knows what I’m doing because I don’t say anything. All I hear from time to time is “she heard it from close quarters”. Anyone who knows me knows that he has no close quarters to speak of.” Eleni Menegaki said at the beginning.

“I don’t care about rumors at work. I’ve learned to live with rumors. I repeat, I’m a person who has lived on television for 30 years, and someone who doesn’t know me but has followed my life a little, knows that my conversations and thoughts come out of me. Million. You wonder at yourself because it You say it yourself. I wouldn’t have asked me in the press room if I would do this or that… but someone would have asked me anyway,” added Eleni Menagaki.

“I think you’ll be out next year, but everyone says you’ll be back in the second half of the season.” Haris Lepitakis said then.

“You come here to tell us the TV news because the season is ending, we’re not going to hurt anybody, we’re closing. That’s why you came to tell us on Para Fifth TV. For me, there is nothing to say,” noted Eleni Menegaki.

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