Fellini’s actress and muse has died

French actress Anuk EmeThe star of films like “A Man and a Woman,” “Lola” and “Dolce Vita” died today in Paris at her age. 92 years oldHis artistic agent informed AFP.

The actress “left this morning,” said Time Art’s art agent Sebastian Perola.

The Manuela PapadakisDaughter of director and screenwriter Anuk Eem Nikos PapadakisHe also announced her death and revealed her “Great sadness” on his Instagram account.

Who is Anuk Amy?

In her first steps she studied acting and dancing along with her basic education. Although most of the works in which he acted or participated were in French, he also participated in films made in many European countries such as Spain, Great Britain, Italy and Germany, but also in the United States. Among her best-known films were Federico Fellini’s Dolce Vita (1960), after which Emme was considered a “rising, astonishing star” in the world of cinema. Subsequently, she appeared in Jacques Demy’s Lola, The Woman of Debauchery (1961), “8½” (Fellini, 1963), George Cukor’s Justine (Demy, 1969), and Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (1981). Acted in films. a-porte by Robert Altman (1994). Her performance in the Academy Award-winning film A Man and a Woman (1966) brought her worldwide recognition.

According to a 1995 poll by Empire magazine, she was listed as a stunning actress and one of the 100 sexiest actresses in film history. The model she embodied was the “femme fatale,” with a melancholic aura.

In the 1960s, Life magazine wrote that “after each picture, her enigmatic beauty is reinforced in the public memory” and called her the most beautiful resident of “the Left Bank”.[10]The roles he played meant a special artistic culture.

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In 1967, she received the “Golden Cap” Award for Best Drama Actress, and in 1980, she won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2002 he was awarded France’s National Film Award (César).

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