Fire now in Arcolida – new fire warning

The fire department has been alerted fire ongoing in the region Lyrcia of Argolis.

The fire The forest was burning, and ground and air forces were mobilized to put it out.

Specifically, they are at war with flames Throw in 40 firemen, 2 infantry divisions and 10 vehicles, 3 helicopters and 1 aircraft.

“Fire Forest in Lyrgia Argolis. Ground and air forces mobilized,” the fire department said in an update on social media.

In fact, 112 sent a message to residents in the area to evacuate. The notification states: “If you are in Douga Vrisi & Kefalovriso areas of Argolida, move towards Lyrgia”.

Fire also in Arcadia

It is recalled that there is also a fire station in the megalopolis of Arcadia, while 112 was sent to the residents of Soremi to go to Pelikosti.

Grand Parade of the Fire Department

According to the fire department, 30 firemen along with 9 vehicles, a pedestrian unit, 2 aircraft and 1 helicopter have rushed to the spot.

According to the first information, Fire burns less vegetation.

Message from 112

The fire department is on “red alert” for the fire risk

In any case, n is alert AtticaThis includes fire risk (risk category 5) according to the fire risk forecast map published by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection (

At the same time, the risk is very high for the following areas (risk category 4):

– Attica region (Kytharon Island)
– Peloponnese region
– Western Greece region (Ilia, Achaia)
– Region of Central Greece (PE of Phokidas, PE of Boeotia, PE of Fidiotida, PE of Evia including the island of Skyros)
– North Aegean region (Lesvos region, Chios region)

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What does a fire department red alert indicate?

As announced by the fire department, the personnel of the fire services of the Attica region are on general alert to cope with the increased service demands that have arisen due to the high number of fire accidents and the serious risk (hazard category) of fire. 5)

Fire services are placed on a low level of alert in their area of ​​responsibility where a high fire risk is expected (Hazard Category 4).

At the same time, aerial surveillance patrols continue, as well as patrols by fire, police and military forces.

At the same time, for the aforementioned areas, a plan of civil defense measures is implemented to deal with the risks of forest fires, according to which, among others, the implementation of preventive measures in vehicular traffic and the stay of tourists in national forests, forests and “vulnerable” areas.

At the same time, the GPP has informed all relevant government agencies, regions and municipalities of the aforementioned regions so that they are more prepared to take actions within their capacity.

In addition, the fire brigade operates Appeal to citizens:

1. Be especially careful and avoid open air activities that could cause fire due to negligence

  • Burning of dry grasses and branches or clearing of residues,
  • Use of machines that cause sparks, such as circular saws, welding equipment, etc
  • Use of outdoor grills,
  • smoking bees,
  • Throwing lit cigarettes etc.

2. To monitor information about Forest fire prevention These are available on the website and on the official accounts of the Fire Service, Facebook and Twitter.

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3. In case Feel the fireTo be notified immediately Fire Service Call no 199.

Finally, the fire department calls on all citizens Be especially careful And Fire caseFor their own safety, strictly follow the instructions of competent authorities

A reminder that burning fields is prohibited during fire prevention periods.

For more information and self-protection measures from the dangers of forest fires, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat at

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