Fire on Serifos: A night of worry on the island – the fire burns out of control

The fire that broke out in Serifos on Saturday afternoon has reached massive proportions. Despite the efforts of four aircraft carriers and ground troops, strong winds caused the fire to spread rapidly.

Initially, efforts were made to stop the progress of the fire which descended towards the Livadakia and Rammos areas. From there the fire spread further with the help of wind.

A large front is currently burning in Kalo Ambeli area and another is heading towards Karavi area. Both fronts were large, while the ground forces from Syros were reinforced at 11 p.m.

At the same time, an order was given and troops from Athens were also moving to the island.

Chronicles of Fire

The fire broke out in the Kamalavka area around 18.00 hrs. Due to strong winds, it accelerated towards residential areas in Livadakia and Rammos area. With the help of volunteers, firefighters saved some houses that were in danger, however, the wind direction changed.

Due to this, 112 sent a new message to those who were in Kalo Ambeli, Wagia, Ganema, Gautala to leave from there in the direction of Sora. By afternoon the fire was moving towards Wagia Bay while another front was moving towards Garavi area.

Because of this, a third message was sent from 112 to the residents of Garavi, Rammos and Livadakia to go to Livadi, the port of the island.

Strong winds blow over the island, making extinguishing efforts more difficult. At the same time the plane stopped flying and could help the first light of the sun.

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