General Juan Jose Zuniga, who surrounded the presidential palace with the army, was arrested

Continuing developments in Bolivia. General Juan Jose Zuniga was arrested on charges of plotting a coup.

Former Military Commander of the Bolivian Police Mr General Juan Jose Zuniga“Mastermind” of the coup attempt.

Images broadcast by Bolivian state television show him General Zuniga After his brief statements to the press, he was immediately taken away in a police vehicle:

«You are under arrest, GeneralThe Under-Secretary of Home Affairs told him, Johnny Aguilera.

In the main square of the capital La Paz, around the seat of government, heavily armed soldiers and armored vehicles were stationed earlier.

The President Louis Ars (pictured above) rushed to appoint a new leadership in the armed forces, while the Supreme Court condemned the “attack on democratic stability” in the country.

General Juan Jose Zuniga argued that the purpose “Restoration of Democracy».

The newly appointed military command under General José Sánchez (pictured below) ordered the soldiers who followed him. General Zuniga (top photo) at the Presidential Palace to return to their bases

After the army was removed, it was stationed in the center of the capital of Bolivia Strong police forces.

Information from RES BePhotos: Reuters

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