‘He who has what nuts comes before me, I will melt’


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The president of KAE PAOK, Thanasis Hatsopoulos, refers to the comments he receives from one part of the world despite the efforts of everyone at Dikefalos for the proper functioning of the team.

PAOK’s president, Thanasis Hatsopoulos, noted in Tikafalos’ press conference the comments he was receiving despite the effort. Everyone pays KAE for the smooth functioning of the system.

“To tell you the truth, I thought I could get up and go this year. I can’t do that joke because I can’t do the shame. I can’t be here seven days a week,” jokes the other. I can’t stand it as a man, but don’t I put the money I lost to be mocked from above? Only dignity He got emotional and responded to some fans’ question on social media about the unfair part demands:

“Stepping into reality, not utopias. I’m not saying to criticize, not to criticize. Welcome. But not insults. I don’t accept being insulted. Criticism is one thing, insults and mockery are different.

For the budget, we will go from the 500 thousand euros we had this year to 600 thousand. We will try to raise the budget until it takes us in terms of revenue. Why not put in a budget of 1.5, 2 million and build a team that beats everyone else?

What Am I; Am I a masocha, should I suffer? Do you know how many conference calls we’ve had with the staff here? You know the conversations we’ve had here every day about players, how much we’ve struggled to find a player who’s going to make us and pay him?

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Let all the scoffers come and catch him, and see how many rascals there are in the sack. Let them come, because they think they are better at management than I, know all, let them come, and let me get up and go! I don’t have a problem. I am not here to stay forever. I have lost my personal life, and I will not listen to the mockery from above! Anyone with nuts will come before me and I will melt them! They can’t stand the truth!” Thanasis Hatsopoulos pointed out.

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