His wife’s testimony is shocking

Shocking details of a horrific incident of domestic violence against his wife by lawyer Apostalos Litras have come to light from his testimony.

“There was a secluded spot on the right side of the road where the car stopped and punched me in the face.” The 37-year-old narrated among other things reported by the ERT, later told the clinic he visited, “As soon as the nurse approached me, I immediately told her that my husband had beaten me. I told the doctor that I was scared of him.”

In fact, the 37-year-old said so When she tried to use the “panic button” (panic button) to alert the police, her criminologist caught her and grabbed her cell phone..

“When I went to the room to get the panic button attached to the alarm, it hit the police directly, he grabbed me, took it and kept my phone.” He is reported to have said.

In detail he mentioned in his testimony

“At around 11:30pm we had an argument over a small matter, especially as I was looking at my mobile phone and my husband, I don’t know what he was thinking. Made me a scene of envy. The truth is, I left my baby to go out and was talking to my sister, who sent me videos of my little one. He asked me to leave urgently or he would make a fuss in the shop.

He started running at breakneck speed and after a short distance the car stopped at a secluded spot on the right side of the road. He hit my face with his hands. It is noteworthy that he had taken my mobile phone all this time. The door was locked. I was screaming for help with blood all over my face and choking as I swallowed it.

He drove me home. As the head was spinning and the pulse was strong, I went inside with full force and said I am washing. When I went to the room to pick it up Panic button This got me straight to the police with the alarm and rings, who took it and kept my cell phone.

Together we entered the entrance of the Euroclinic. I told him I needed to see an ER doctor because I hit my head. The doctor took me straight to the examination room alone and did not allow my husband inside. A nurse came. When the nurse approached me, I immediately told her that my husband had beaten me. I also told the doctor that I am afraid of him. They said they would call the police…and they did.

I asked him to break up in October, but even though he is a tough character he is not violent”.

Litras confessed and was acquitted – Arios Bagos ordered a disciplinary hearing

On Monday morning (17/6), a celebrity criminologist arrested for domestic violence apologized to the 18th female investigator. He faced serious infirmity charges against his wife.

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With the consent of the prosecutor and the investigator, He was acquitted and imposed on him banned The obligation to leave the shared house where he lives with his wife, the prohibition of access to her and the obligation to attend a special psychological support program.

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However, after a few hours The Supreme Court sought an urgent preliminary disciplinary hearing against the authorities who decided to release the forensic expert.

In particular, the Supreme Court’s Office of the Prosecutor, along with its announcement, requested that the potential responsibilities of both the regular investigator and the public prosecutor be investigated regarding the decision to acquit him with conditions.

According to information, the purpose of the investigation is to identify potential liabilities, On the one hand because of the seriousness of the offense and on the other hand because the accused confessed to the act.

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The Chronicles

It all started on Sunday (16/06) at one o’clock in the morning when the couple went to a private clinic in Ampelokipi where a 37-year-old lawyer, her husband and both suffered injuries. She said that caused falls down the stairs.

However, the doctor was not convinced by this explanation He found her injuries consistent with a blow and informed the authorities.

After the development, the couple was taken by police officers to the Domestic Violence Office of the Omonia Police Department, where both claimed the injury was caused by a fall down the stairs.

In the police department A hospital report was given and a report was taken from the doctor Its contents were communicated to the Public Prosecutor, who Mr. He registered a formal case against Litras and ordered his arrest and production before him.

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Following his arrest and criminal proceedings against him, the head of the DSA, Dimitris Vervesos, ordered GC Constantino, head of the Disciplinary Committee of the Athens Bar Association, to proceed with a preliminary disciplinary investigation against the lawyer.

According to available information, The well-known lawyer legally owned two gunsSeizures were made by the authorities as usual in domestic violence cases.

yes, In 2017, a case was also filed against this criminal lawyer by his ex-wife for domestic violence.He was released at Viralisi Police Station.

It is worth noting that Apostolos Lytras took many of the cases in the news.

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