How Le Pen’s National Rally got 3 million more votes than the Left, but lost

Looking at the constituency distribution, the National Alliance (RN) Marine Le Pen And his Jordan Bartella He was undoubtedly a colossal failure French elections, he was aiming for the top spot and finished third. However, this was the result of the victory of the leftist and Macron parties, who exploited the electoral system and erected a wall in front of her.

Looking at the absolute vote, Le Pen’s party was first.

  • The National Rally got 10.1 million votes or 37.05%.
  • The big winner on election night, The New Popular Front (Melençon’s disobedient France, a left-wing coalition of Socialists, Communist Party and environmentalists) received 7 million or 25.7%.
  • And Emmanuel Macron’s coalition received 6.3 million votes and 23.15% of the vote.

Even a margin of one vote decides the place

Le Pen’s third-place lead in the vote is explained by an electoral system based on “the winner takes all”. While the Left and the Centrists withdrew hundreds of candidates from the second round, the National Rally kept most of its candidates in the field. RN candidates participated in 90 matches with at least three candidates. Whoever gets the most votes in these contests gets the place. This meant that the second-placed far-right candidates, the RN, won any seats in parliament.

Le Pen’s candidates did not win enough

In dozens of cases the left or Macron’s candidate comes first to some degree and then takes the seat as a result. Overall, RN candidates (ie, including those who came in second or third) collected the most votes. However, they did not bring the required principal. That’s what matters.

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Let us remember that such an incident happened in Britain. Farage won 4 MPs with 4,075,985 votes, while the Liberal Democrats won 63 seats with 3,489,534 votes.

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