Iulika Skafidas: A post about the Psychocourse series finale

Just before the big finale of the “Psychogirls” series, H Eulica scaphidas She posted a post on her personal Instagram account saying a big “thank you” to the group for telling the story of these girls.

Tonight, Tuesday July 9 and Thursday July 11 at 21:00, the last act of “Psychogirls” actress writes in her post: “I am very happy that I was in the group that told the story of these girls. As much as I laughed at the beginning that I would play in the Psychogirls series, I asked if I could play Psychogirl too. But I replied that I have grown up now!

What was Michalis Saralambidis thinking when he first met me at the audition, where I showed up with perfect clothes and machine-done hair and thought I was going to get the role without memorizing the text they sent me. That I am doing a test!

Iulika Skafidas: On the field with her son!

How sweet and kind Frosso Ralli was to me for giving me 10 minutes to learn the words and how lovely to see her smile out of the corner of my eye as I tested.

How happy Irini Chauganido was at the news of my pregnancy, how relieved her attitude was!
So many beautiful people gathered, and how we laughed in that house at Drosopoulos!
Alexander, Odysseus, Margarita, Dimitri, Odysseus. Thank you so much for everything!

After the first month of shooting, my pregnancy started and luckily the belly started showing around the 7th month! I gave birth 20 days after my last shoot! This work has a special place in my heart. #psyxocores #WhatATeam”.

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