Kassalakis as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Tsipras in X

Alexis Tsipras reacted angrily through his close circles to the insinuations of Stephanos Kasselakis, the former president and prime minister, regarding Avki and its staff, prompting an immediate reaction from the current president of SYRIZA.

With a post on X, Stefanos Kasselakis extends a hand of friendship to Alexis Tsipras, whose relations have changed since and after the Congress, calling on this soldier to recapture or support the party on his side. In “trying to party without games”.

A clear, friendly and unifying message for those who didn’t read the previous message that was in the air for a few minutes on Twitter. But enough to last forever.

In this first message, Mr. Kassalakis apparently told Alexis Tsipras to “stop undermining me.”

Unfortunately, Mr. For Kasselakis, despite his haste to remove it in order to upload a “proper reprint,” many people saw it, and even more understood it and drew their own conclusions, focusing on and judging the sincerity of his intentions. Because of the uproar on social media.

Mr. This is not the first time Kasselakis has revised or restructured statements, often completely changing the meaning of an earlier one. But this time he is considered to have crossed the line, trying to present as a subversive even the former leader of the party that until recently he insisted on – and took advantage of many – the excellent relationship that connects them.

Edited message

Hot news

Sound off… Peace Tsipras

Mr. In contrast to Kasselakis, whenever he goes to America, he falls for mistakes and unfortunate statements, many of which he is asked to “take” because they do not adhere to left-wing principles or history. Ideology of the party-, Mr. Alexis Tsipras focuses on SYRIZA and his travels representing the country.

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Mr. in Istanbul. Tsipras, who will appear as the honorary speaker at the Global Relations Forum dinner, with international developments as the central topic of discussion, did not want to comment on the posts, according to reliable sources. and Mr. Kassalakis’ rightful restatements of intent and strife in Syriza, Mr. A morbid situation that works in favor of Mitsotakis’s right-wing government.

After all, a president who fought for the party, took it to government, and sustained it in a very unfavorable situation, can be criticized for many things, but it is ridiculous to accuse him of wanting to destroy it by undermining it. The new leadership, why he defended the history of the party and its actions or why he intervened like the Congress, with an open statement, precisely to ensure unity and lead to a chaotic situation, its choices and incendiary statements led by the new president.

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