Lasithi: Lament at funeral of 36-year-old man who died of whiplash

Unspeakable sadness at the last farewell of the 36-year-old George nannyDied Wednesday night (3/7) of whiplash.

The funeral was held that day Friday (5/7) in the afternoon Holy Cathedral of Agia Fotini Irapetra, According to the website Relatives and friends bid farewell to him in a painful atmosphere.

Dramatic final minutes

At the same time, the testimony of the woman driver who was driving the rural vehicle carrying the unfortunate man is shocking. George nanny Minutes after the wounds were inflicted on Crete’s Lasithi.

“The nanny Before he was killed, he went to the toilet behind the house. As he came, I saw him fall. I ran away and saw the child lying on the ground. I thought he was drunk. A white liquid came out of his mouth. I thought he was going to throw up so I took him to the side and as I picked him up I saw blood on my hand. I called for help, stop, bleeding. It has been attacked. We all put him in the cart. My daughter got it ECAV. When we took him in, he wasn’t bleeding much. He took out the blood from the truck. The carriage was covered in blood,” he initially said in a midnight statement to authorities and aired by Creative.

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