Libra, it’s time to drop the masks

What will happen today, Sunday July 7, 2024? Daily predictions for all zodiac signs. Learn all about astrological events and how they affect each of the 12 signs. Get ready to discover what the stars have in store for you today.


You have a creative bug, and you can put off some responsibilities so you can work on new ideas that come your way. This is not the time to understand them or compile them and make a plan for them. See yourself as a vessel of inspiration, keep an open mind, don’t judge what happens, and at the end of the day, your notebook will be overflowing with ideas.


Your emotional range will be active today. You may feel more emotional than usual, which can help unlock some of the suppressed emotions you’ve been feeling. We are all born artists and we express our creativity in different ways, so give yourself room to try a task or project in a different way, as this will help bring out the wild and uncensored version of you.


The conversations you have today may spark some wonderful ideas that can open up a whole new world for you. So make sure to start some conversations at your local coffee shop and be a little more active on social media. This is a great time to offer your thoughts to your community, be it at work or even on a blog.


Now is a good time to assess what mental space you were in to make some life choices. Our self-esteem is often a reflection of the commitments and agreements we’ve made, so if the choices you’ve made don’t make you feel good about yourself, this is your best cosmic opportunity to fix them and change them. How do you remind yourself of your worth when faced with important decisions?

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Your inner child wants to roam free, so take off your grown-up clothes and give yourself a chance to be fun and playful. When we feel playful, we feel lighter, able to face things as they are without allowing our minds to create imaginary myths. This is no time to see limitations. Open your eyes and see the expansion. Note for your journal: How does immersing yourself in playful or creative activities help you take yourself seriously?


Be careful not to fall into the Freudian slip… Your unconscious is wide open, pulsing with creativity, inspiration and visions, but most of all you can get closer to your own truths. When we think we can be our authentic selves, we give ourselves permission to be honest about what we want and our experiences. So if you feel like you’ve been a people pleaser and neglected your own desires, you may rebel today.


It’s a great day to gather with your friends and be at the heart of your community. You may long for a deeper sense of togetherness, and your inner child may want to be comforted by being with people you feel safe with, where you can feel safe enough to be your true self. Wearing a mask all the time is tiring, so who brings out your inner child when the mask effortlessly falls off?


You may want to be more empowered in your career position, as this can bring you more creative agency, coming up with new ideas and projects without micromanaging or asking for permission. If there are fears or feelings of inadequacy about taking on the role of leader, this is an essential time to heal those wounds.

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Start a new course, be curious, go out into the world and be inspired by everything you see. There is no room for boredom today, and you may feel something wake you up to remind you that “there’s more to life” and “there’s always more to discover.” So, if you let your passion sleep, it’s time to give it a new one.


Your inner world is full of stories, revelations and questions. Sit with yourself today and embrace your shadow. The shadow self holds not only the things we are ashamed of about ourselves, but also the keys to gifts we don’t know we have. The only way to discover new talents is to observe those quirky creative impulses that inspire you. Don’t ignore them, that’s where the gold is.


Today you may have some important conversations with someone closely related to you. If you feel pressured to mention something, today, you may feel compelled to say it out. Sometimes, the more we think about what we’re going to say, the more complicated it can be. Let your truths be free as you can cultivate a sacred openness that can grow the roots of your relationships.


It’s time to add more joy to your work environment, so if you’re feeling a little bored and unmotivated, it’s time to shake things up. If you saw work as a game, how would that change your approach to your daily tasks? When we take our roles too seriously, our creativity, commitment and focus can easily diminish.

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