MasterChef Finale: This is the big winner

The 8th cycle of MasterChef, one of the most disruptive and demanding in the history of the cooking competition, has come to an end, with Lefteris Zafeiropoulos declared the big winner.

Lefteris Zafeiropoulos: Age, Biography and Career Abroad

The tension reached its peak as the three judges slowly and painfully unwrapped the envelopes containing the marks. Everyone’s intuition that the final result would be decided by a razor edge turned out to be absolutely true!

MasterChef: Lefteris Zafeiropoulos’ Journey to the Top

With a total of 23 points in three Tests, Lefteris won the title and €100,000.

Visibly moved, he dedicated his great victory to his late uncle, bringing tears to his relatives. He then gave special mention to his teammate Stamatis and thanked the other participants for supporting him.

MasterChef: He gets immunity, €1000 and a ticket to the final 10!

The 30-year-old chef raised the coveted trophy to the sky as he was showered with applause, confetti and hugs from his relatives and ardent supporters.

Detailed scores of the two finalists

Mystery box

Christina Christoffi: 7/10

Lefteris Zafeiropoulos: 6/10

Creativity test

Christina Christoffi: 7/10

Lefteris Zafeiropoulos: 8/10

Copy plate

Christina Christoffi: 7/10

Lefteris Zafeiropoulos: 9/10

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