Official announcement with Zina Koutselinis in the season finale

He was among those who were particularly concerned about his television future. The Gina CoutcelliniHowever, the end is in STAR and Kifisia channel sent an official notification later this year.

“The Star renews its collaboration with Gina Koutzelinis. The Star is delighted to announce the renewal of its successful collaboration with Gina Koutzelinis. The seasoned anchor, who has won the hearts and trust of viewers with her authenticity of personality, consummate professionalism and deep empathy in facing all kinds of journalistic challenges, is looking for a timeless value for the 10th year. “Truths with Zena is a successful show. Renewing Gina Coutcellini’s collaboration with the star embodies a mutual relationship of admiration, trust and respect, but also the show’s highly successful trend, which is a reference point on the television map and in the ratings charts,” it said.

Gina Coutcellini will continue to host “Truths with Gina,” though her evening show will not be on the new program.

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