Panathinaikos: Sloukas responds to Angelopoulos and Bartzokas after winning championship

Kostas Slokas unleashes the thunder after Panathinaikos clinched the championship from Aktor in their fifth final against Olympiakos.

After finishing fifth and winning the championship, he didn’t want to say anything for the rest of the year Panathinaikos A.K.T.R The Kostas Slokas He personally went to a press conference to tell everything! There he “nailed” the brothers. Angelopoulos and the “red and white” trainer George Bartzokas.

“I asked him to attend the press conference. I’ve been spoiled all year. I don’t like talking off the field, but as you saw today I don’t like talking on the field, heavy words were said. Mr. Angelopoulos and Mr. I want to thank Bartzokas from the bottom of my heart for the arrogance, disrespect and disrespect shown to me. They opened a door for me and I came to a team where everyone believed in me.” His leader argued Panathinaikos A.K.T.R.

And he continued: “They supported me in difficult times, I was very emotional, because this year I experienced moments that I did not even dream of. People embraced me from the first moment, for me that was the biggest justification. I was very difficult all year, I tried not to respond. Panathinaikos’ proposal has been for 10 years. .For respect to Olympiakos, I do and I feel fully justified in doing so. I will forever be grateful to the leader, the coach, for the whole organization thank you very much.”

When asked if this was the best season of his career and if he was affected by the overall situation, he replied: “This year was one of the most successful, if not the most successful for me. The way the championship came and even the Euroleague brings it to the first place. The coach, you saw what he did. He is as ambitious and motivated as I am. The players had talent, everyone gave their soul.

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I chose not to speak all year and was asked many mistakes and even heard about my upbringing. I chose not to speak, I spoke on the field. I am proud of the historic season and the relaxing time. I’m not affected by these, I don’t listen to criticism or what everyone else says. I care about the opinion of the coach, some people and my family. I work with my head down. I didn’t start well, everything was new, but we finished well.

Ioannis Papapetrou spoke to Sportal’s camera about winning the championship, which he dedicated to Panathinaikos to the whole world and insisted it was a dream season.

And Kostas Slokasconcluded: “The coach has done this before with Efes. He has faith. He said from the beginning of the season, get tickets to the Final 4, nobody believed in him. But he picked the best pieces, the right players. Monday morning, at 0-2, he said, “Friday night we will be champions. ” He told us, and you can see that he succeeded.”

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