Panhellenic Games 2024: First Games – Defeated Candidates Explain How We Did It [εικόνες]

With the announcement of the scores they collected in Panhellenic 2024, one of the most difficult cycles of their teenage careers has come to an end.

Students, girls and boys who excelled or scored high on this year’s Panhellenic exams soon agree that the race to university requires balance and commitment.

Below is a list of some of this year’s nominees at the Panhellenic Exams who impressed with their performances.

Panhellenic said first in 2024

The Fotini Pavlito, A candidate in the Health and Life Sciences stream collected 19,580 marks Michael Kolympianakis In the same direction he amassed 19,240 points, achieving a perfect 20 in Physics – a particularly demanding subject this year.

Both were students of Mandolitis schools, while 7 more of their classmates in the same school excelled, accumulating more than 19,000 points. They are Ioannis Ephraim Kenanidis (Positive and Technical Sciences), Theodora Zatka (Humanities, Law and Social Sciences), Georgios Stamatis Anastasiadis (Positive and Technical Sciences), Amalia Evtoxia Kostoli (Health and Life Sciences), Nikolaos Serifhos Life Sciences. ), Georgia Andreadis (Health and Life Sciences) and Christos Stafilas (Economics and Information Sciences).

Panhellenic 2024: first in Patras – they collected more than 19,000 points and explain how they did it

Panhellenic 2024: Student grades announced – where you can see results

At Anatolia College, 19,540 points were collected Asterios Gousios, interested in electrical engineering, five more of his classmates in the same school crossed 19,000 marks. These are Rafaelia Paracho (Health), Jason Ioannidis (Health), Anna Philindris (Health), Ari Tsiganos (Health) and Dimitris Papadopoulos (Health).

“A love for core and concrete studies”

The Costas Vourvoulias, a student of 2nd GEL Thermy, his first choice pharmacy SSAS. Already enjoying a holiday with his friends in Paros, he was informed about his marks in the national exams.

A 19.2 in biology and 17.1 in physics, he tells APE-MPE that the moment he realized how much he loved the courses of his chosen direction was decisive in his long journey to preparation.

“I realized pretty quickly that I had to get over the fact that I was taking Panhellenic exams in order to get over the stress of the test that was in front of me. It happened gradually, basically as I went through the chapters, I found that I had to deal with humans and not mythical monsters. Also, this year I had decided from the beginning that 70-80% percentage of the national exams are decided by the student and how much he concentrates and other external factors. It is important that the material comes out right the first time and there are no gaps to be filled in the end “.

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Regarding the candidates who did not achieve their goals this year, he says: “It is difficult to say anything, because I feel how much it hurts when at least three years of effort do not give the expected results. Preparation for national level competitions does not begin in the third lyceum. But when there is a goal, it is worth the effort again. Your life. It’s better to try again now than to hold it in forever.

The first in Heraklion, Crete

On the local website, three students who collected 19,000 points or closer managed to stand out with their performance.

Eleni Rouaki, 11th GEL of Heraklion, 19,000 points

“The third science field I belong to is Health Sciences and I’m aiming for the Medical School of the University of Crete. At first I was surprised to see the score and now I’m starting to realize what I’ve done. In general, throughout the year I focused on reading and was organized, although I took many breaks in my free time. , which gave me the strength to continue my studies in the subjects.

Spanaki Lydia, 7th GEL of Heraklion, 18,800 points

“I am from the third science department, health science. I want to go to the pharmacy school in Patras and be next to my sister who is already studying there. Alternatively, I am also interested in the chemistry department at the University of Crete. I feel very happy about my success. I have my own studies in that year. I followed the pattern, meaning I focused on what clicked for me at that moment or where I felt I needed it most.”

Itrou Maria, 2nd EPAL of Heraklion, 19,640 points

“I was in the health department and managed to collect 19,640 points. Specifically, I scored 20 in Algebra, 20 in Health, 20 in Anatomy, and 18.2 in Report. I feel very happy and relieved at the same time about my success. As for reading, I tried to implement a method, but it’s definitely not there. My goal is to go to medical school.”

“Heraklion and Heraklion again” says Manolis Pachoulakis from the 4th GEL of Heraklion, which scored 18,700 points on the website

“I wasn’t bored, I didn’t study much, I had teachers who inspired me. I was lucky too, I admit,” says Manolis, who is drawn to computers and technology.

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“I want to transfer to the computer science department in Heraklion. It’s a school I like and have a high ranking. I like computers since I was young, so my love for computers makes me think about this particular field and this science. Actually, I don’t want to say that I’m bored or that I lack things. No,” he concludes.

Gozani tops the ranks in high schools

19,300 points and 19,150 without coefficients, h Anastasia Godot, from the 1st GEL of Kosani, is the first of this year’s Panhellenic candidates from across the city of Kosani. His first choice was medicine in Thessaloniki.

Check out what he had to say about his success at

Performances in Patras

At the same time, Patrina’s students were able to reach “higher”. Some of them spoke about how they felt about their success on the local website, explaining their efforts throughout the year.

Constantina Jacosta – 19,760 points

“Even hours passed after the marks were declared and I didn’t realize it. I thought I wrote well, but I wanted to keep a low profile so I wouldn’t be disappointed if something changed. What helped me a lot were the teachers of the training school and especially the tests we often wrote, they “forced” me to study everything. Changing schools in second high school also helped me a lot. Fatigue has been especially difficult for me in the last month. Accumulated stress, pressure of intense daily reading and physical exhaustion made it difficult for me in the last weeks before the exams. However, with the support of my family, friends and professors, everything went well and now my dream of studying at the Medical School of Patras is coming true,” says Constantina Tzakosta.

Evangelia Korpakis – 19,250 points

“I know I have written well. I am satisfied and relieved as all 17-18-year-olds go through a stressful and soul-destroying journey. There were times when I was scared that something would go wrong at the end. It is a very stressful setting in the nationwide exams. Fortunately, I got help from the teachers in the tutorial. There was a lot of support and they were there for me every time I faced a difficulty. It was a demanding year with lots of reading and a schedule but the preparation was flawless. There were times when I regretted having more time off, but dancing and running during the year helped calm me down a lot! “I’ve been aiming for law school since the beginning of high school, and that’s what I’ll pursue,” he tells

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Konstantinos Karagianis – 19. 240 points

“I am very happy about that. My efforts were rewarded. I expected to do well, but not well. I struggled every time I watched the lessons, but in the end everything went well. It’s hard not to get stressed and focus. Systematic reading, organization and scheduling played an important role for me. I was hopeful. My parents supported me and gave me courage, while my teachers guided me properly, gave useful advice and helped me achieve my goal, which is mechanical engineering school.”

Emilia Halla – 19,180 points

“I am very happy and proud of myself. I didn’t expect so many marks, true. I feel vindicated for my trouble. I didn’t let myself get down all year.

Sometimes I did not write well in annual competitions but I kept trying without giving up. The anxiety about whether the material would come out and the repetition was difficult for me. I have always had my family and my teachers by my side and I thank them. I considered medicine and biology as possibilities before the marks came out. However, after grades, I think medicine is the only way to go.”

Dionysia Tsarbopoulou – 19,120 points

“I feel very happy and certainly justified. My marks were very close to what I had been writing for most of the years. What led me to achieve my goal was the many repetitions of the B’ Lyceum. The reading was systematic and many hours. But there was also free time. The summer preparation before the 3rd Lyceum was very Bad times. My partners are always my parents, my friends, and of course my teachers. My goal is to go to Athens Law School.”

Danai Papageorgiou – 19,040 points

“I’m very emotional and at the same time very happy! It’s something I’ve been waiting for with my efforts throughout the year. My teachers played a very important role and helped me face all the difficulties, as well as my parents, of course, who were by my side through everything! Stress, difficulties, disappointments and Health is the field I’m most interested in pursuing, and I certainly wouldn’t rule out other schools.”

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