PAOK-Madi Kamara: connections, background and the main factor that makes him dressed in “black and white”!

On the back of Mandy Kamara’s long-awaited “yes” to the proposal, it brings him to Doompa as a valuable cog in the Greek champions’ engine for the next three years.

The Mandy Camara he said “yes” In his plan PAOK And he’s set to wear the “black and white” shirt for the next three years, with his transfer mini-thriller… a happy ending for the Greek champions.

News of the deal with the “two-headed” did not go unnoticed in the 27-year-old midfielder’s homeland. madam her Guinea. All the local media made extensive mentions of the deal and his stay in it Hellas.

“Mathi Kamara is in Greece and is heading to PAOK, another legendary club in the Greek League”, Characterize the fellows of African media expected in Thessaloniki. June 19 To complete the formal part of his transition and to be normal at the beginning of preparation for the new year scheduled for the next day.

The Mandy Camara will become the second player from Guinea Who will wear his jersey PAOKAfter introducing his common name, Abdul Razaki KamaraHe played in the second half of the 2012-2013 season in a “black and white” shirt (16 comps., 2 goals, 2 assists).

earlier days The Kamara case turned out to be a mini-thrillerwith engagement Greek (AEK) and European clubs (Fenerbahce, Lyon, Lille, Lance, St. Etienne) In the game of buying it and him PAOK In a clear tactical move, with high risk, it is true that it is withdrawing from its acquisition game. The “Footmercato” In today’s publication he refers to the race that PAOK finally managed to win for the “wanted Mandi Camaras”.

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The 27-year-old midfielder was a free agent after his contract expired OlympicsA decent effort was made earlier in the market and on his part… in several groups, mainly, FranceHe had a good name and many advantages because he knew the conditions of the country very well and would have no problem adapting.

However, as mentioned, most French clubs have recently had their minds set on what will happen with the television rights in their country’s top flight, thus missing out on the chance to sign him.

His side curve Returned earlier in the week On the negotiating table with PAOK And showed a willingness to negotiate to reach an agreement, the “Dikefalos” side is optimistic, but at the same time cautious because a lot can happen in negotiations with a free footballer.

According to French publications, He was flying She is the one who tried to create a rift between you at the last minute PAOK And Mandy CamaraThey put a plan on the table with a “black and white” annual income of 1.2 million euros, a signing bonus of the same amount and an additional asset.

What a great deal they had Champions of Greece What played a major role? The perspective given to the player by participation Champions LeagueThat, combined with the fact that he would be playing in a league and country he was familiar with, proved to be the deciding factors Kamara says “yes”. On the proposal of “Dikephalos” and to become a resident of Thessaloniki for the next three years.

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