PASOK’s two members in shopkeeper extortion spree – suspension of their party status, announcement

Its members are two PASOK And employees of the Ministry of Culture were allegedly involved in a spiral of extorting money from shopkeepers, Harilao Trikopi immediately began suspending their party status.

The two members of PASOK are accused of participating in a ring that extorted money from businessmen in exchange for evading checks and erasing violations.

The employees of the Ministry of Culture involved in this case were suspended by the decision of L. Mentoni

A total of 23 people were involved in the case, of which 14 have been arrested and 9 charged, among them Athens municipality employees.

The ring’s “turnover” is said to exceed 700,000 euros a year.

The PASOK Statute and Certification Ethics Committee temporarily suspended the party status of two party members after it was discovered that they were involved in extorting money from shopkeepers.

These are two employees of the Ministry of Culture who have been charged with “bribing an employee, breach of official secrecy and dereliction of duty”. These two were not among those arrested.

Announcement of PASOK’s Committee on Ethics, Law and Certification

Because of their alleged involvement in a criminal case that has seen the light of day, the Ethics, Law and Certification Committee has suspended the party status of two members of PASOK-Movement for Change, pending completion of criminal proceedings. .

It is to be noted that the same persons have been suspended from their duties by the Ministry of Culture.

Notification regarding:

“Following the document sent today by the Greek Police, which mentions the criminal hellish and disciplinary actions of the employees of the Ministry, the Ministry of Culture announces the above, by the decision of the Minister of Culture Linas Mendoni. The employees will be dismissed immediately, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Servants and follow the recommended procedure of zero tolerance”.

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