Portugal 0-3: Qualify for the “16” of Euro 2024 with the “party” and the historic help of Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal were impressive against Turkey, winning 3-0 – the second matchday of the group stage. Euro 2024– Qualification for “16” of the event. An incredible own goal by Agaid. Cristiano Ronaldo became the first assistant at the Euros.

Portugal beat Turkey 3-0 to make it 2/2 in Group 6 Euro 2024 And – Georgia – Czech Republic (1-1) draw from now on to the “16” tournament.

From the first minutes, Turkey-Portugal had an incredible pace, the Iberians approached the opposing frames, their “spokesman” was Cristiano Ronaldo. On the other hand, our “neighbors” moved well on the wings and in the 6th minute could not project Akhturkoglu through the small area, after returning from the right, under pressure from a defender.

Although the tempo of the game dropped for a while, Portugal again played aggressively and scored with Bernardo Silva in the 21st minute.

The Iberians continued at the same tempo and 0-2 seven minutes later, a gift from Agaidin! The former Panathinaikos defender made the unthinkable mistake, trying to turn the ball past the Altai goalkeeper and sending the ball into the Turkish net.

Towards the end of the first half, the Turks showed they were turning up the heat, they found defensive problems for Portugal, they threatened the opposing frames but they couldn’t send the ball into the net. Their best moment was Akhturkhoglu’s shot, which Diego Costa took with his foot (30′).

Both teams entered the replay keenly, with Turkey looking for a goal to put them back in the game. But Portugal took a 0-3 lead. Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes were sent off against the opposing goalkeeper.CR7″ opted to provide an assist and the Manchester United midfielder scored in the 56th minute to give the Iberians a strong winning lead.

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With this assist, Cristiano Ronaldo reached 7 in the Euros and became the most player in their history!

After Portugal’s third goal, the match “went out”, the Iberians managed the forces and Turkey was no longer a threat. In fact, in 75′ he lost Agaidin to injury.

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