Psycho: Frame-by-frame analysis of video that revealed killer of 54-year-old surveyor

Seasoned homicide officers are continuing with a thorough analysis of video footage they have collected from security cameras in the area and have booked the killer of a 54-year-old surveyor in Psyche.

One of these videos, perhaps the most important, is a revealing one Inside And it clearly shows the killer’s movements just before he hanged the 54-year-old with more than 20 bullets outside his company’s offices.

Offender’s movements

From the said video, it can be seen that the criminal has taken all self-protection measures to reduce the chances of identifying any body parts that could identify him.

His video documentary Inside Legal analysis is done by experienced officers of EL.AS. Who investigates the case

Obviously, he knew that the area he was moving to reach his destination was full of security cameras recording him, so he took the necessary steps.

Winter clothing

The clothes he wears are very characteristic. Although it was summer and yesterday was a warm day, although it was early in the morning, the perpetrator is wearing a black winter motorcycle jacket, long pants and, more characteristically, gloves. Of course he has his face covered by a white helmet.

Another thing one notices is that the mobster chooses to ride the scooter on the pavement rather than the road until he reaches the scene of the murderous attack.

It moves off the pavement

One guess is that he was trying to avoid a security camera, perhaps unaware that there was another camera where he was crossing the sidewalk.

There he appears to be trapped by a billboard, which he knocks down.

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Wrong move

Calmly and unhurriedly, he got off the scooter and put it back in its place when he could pass it.

In fact, this may have been a false move, as when he got off the machine, he was recorded standing and his body type was captured, particularly useful data for homicide investigators.

Fake license plates

Apart from the criminal, the means of transport used by him are investigated based on the law. It is a large displacement scooter that can build speed. It has a front mirror, but no rear trunk. The license plates it carries are found to be fake at best.

In mafia executions, criminals use scooters, and this is not the first time the big engine has been used.

lone wolf”

Another characteristic of this murderous attack is that in all the videos, the perpetrators were recorded alone, unaccompanied.

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