Rusuvuori – Tsitsipas 3-1: Early elimination at Wimbledon

Stefanos Tsitsipas was worse against Emil Roussouri as he lost in 3-1 sets and exited in the 2nd round at Wimbledon.

Study for him Stephanos Tsitsipas In Men’s Singles Wimbledon, Done quickly again, Finn Emile Russouri Achieved one of the most important hits of his career 7-6(6), 7-6(10), 3-6, 6-3 etcFor the first time he is playing in the 3rd round of the tournament.

The Rusuwuri, No.87 before the match, Defeated Tsitsipas for the first time His 7th attempt He’s again out of contention early for something big at Wimbledon and has to show the moves until then 4th round The 2018 And Last year.

For the Greek player, the way it was lost played a decisive role 2nd Collection, In a tie-break thriller. Although he was comfortably reduced to 2-1, Tsitsipas lacked similar consistency 4th set, As soon as he got a break in the 6th game, he – essentially – lost his mental strength, and as a result he lost the match.

Stefanos Tsitsipas now has his participation Double By Peter’s brother And the conclusion of the match with Argentina Gonzalez and Molteni. The continuation of the match for the 1st round will be held in the afternoon Friday (5/7) 7-6, 3-3 in favor of Dawn Gonzalez/Moldeni on Court 4.

Bad start and lost tie break

The match began with the players holding their first service game (1-1) easily, but after an error by Rusuwuri and Tsitsipas at the first opportunity, it was a break (2-1) and the lead at love. 3-1.

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Tsitsipas leveled at 30-30 with two aces, but the Finn found a new break point and the Greek dropped it. 3-2.

With his first love game, Tsitsipas was reduced again 4-3, But the Finn wrote 5-3 without risk. With a new love game, Tsitsipas was in the running for the set (5-4). In 10 games Rusuwuri raced out to a 30-0 lead, but then unanswered errors began as Chitsibas scored. Break (5-5) And the love game before me 6-5.

Sent the fin set balance breakdown, Started with a mini break, prev 3-1 And 4-2, but Tsitsipas led 5-4. But Rusuwuri came first Set point (6-5), After Tsitsipas’ error, he had another chance 7-6 And he won the opening set with a straight win 7-6(6).

Double fault in tie break and 0-2

Tsitsipas found a break point (30-40), but with two unforced errors and a missed return, he threw away the opportunity in the 1st game of the 2nd set. Can easily agree 1-1 And 2-2, However, with two consecutive unforced errors, he gave Rusuwuri a chance to close out the 5th game. (3-2).

In the 6th game, Tsitsipas leveled with a forehand winner before “ruining” a break point. 3-3. Easily, the Greek equalized 4-4, But Rusuvuri found a way 5-4.

have 11 more winners (16-7) Tsitsipas in the 2nd set, equalized 5-5, But he continued to chase down his opponent (6-5). Tsitsipas hit three aces in a row 6-6, To break a new tie.

Tsitsipas took the lead 4-2, However, with a double fault, he gave Rusuwuri hope (4-3). Finn equalized 4-4, Tsitsipas reached set point (6-5), With two errors he gave set point to Rusuuri, who “ruined” it with an ace, but the Finn had another chance. 8-7.

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Thriller continued, Chitsibas was thereWith two chances to close out the set (9-8, 10-9), I am excited Two aces lead 11-10 And with Chitsipas Double mistake Awarded to Bynaldos who took the 2nd set as well 7-6(10).

2-1 with brief procedures

Missing a break point, Tsitsipas took advantage of her first chance in the 4th game 3-1 And escaped with a love game in the 3rd set 4-1 5-3. He served for the set and after 0-30 with an ace and two winners he reached set point and won it. 6-3.

Poor continuity and incompetence

Rusuvuri opened the 4th set with three winners (1-0), Tsitsipas responded with the 18th ace and two winners 1-1. Players maintain their serve comfortably 2-2.

In the 5th game Rusuvuri found solutions after 30-30 3-2. Immediately, Tsitsipas found himself in a difficult position (15-40), He cleared the first break point but not the 2nd and escaped with the fin 4-2.

Rusuwuri did it with a love game 5-2, Tsitsipas reduced 5-3, But until then, Finn didn’t miss the chance, he made it a love game 6-3 And celebrated qualifying for the round of 32.

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