Sasha Vesenkov: To the Toronto Raptors via trade

The Sacramento Kings traded Sasha Vesenko to the Toronto Raptors, along with Davion Mitchell, for the Bulgarian forward Darko Rajakovic.

And suddenly his presence Sasha Vesenkov In Sacramento and the Kings ended. The Bulgarian forward is not in his plans Mike BrownRenewing the American trainer’s collaboration with the California-based team, it shows the way to continuity for “Veze” and the organization in general.

The Vesenkov So he will not continue wearing the “Kings” shirt until June 27 Issued by ExchangeWith Davion Mitchell, at Toronto Raptors Darko Rajakovic’s assistant coach is Panathinaikos legend Mike Bautista. On the other hand, the Kings got him from this trade Jaylen McDanielsMake room in their salary cap to move Kyle Kuzma.

Reports on Sasha Vesenko’s future were released by Sacramento Kings general manager Monte McNair.

The former EuroLeague MVP has a two-year contract in effect, the contract he signed with them Sacramento Kings Last summer, the second year of his contract was guaranteed There is an option from the third team To keep him in line.

But with the new data, it’s doubtful the Bulgarian forward will stay in Canada on a team that’s in the process of rebuilding, including its best player and overall most important asset. Scotty BarnesCompeting in 4 positions. Sasha Vesenkov competed.

With the data currently configured raptors, “Veze” has not collected many chances to find a role that satisfies him, while “Dinosaurs” lack the momentum to stay in the playoffs in the East and claim something good. After all, this is one Basic prerequisites For a former ace of Olympiakos to stay in the “mystery world”.

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Developments in his case are expected in the coming days, even hours Vesenkov To the Toronto Raptors, who He will not find a place in the rotation of the new seasonIt is expected to start at the same time A new… series, about the Bulgarian return to Europe. Already, several teams are following his case from the Euroleague and are ready to make a move for his acquisition.

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