Six day work: Today is the first measure – who will work for one more hour

While the four-day working day is being implemented on a trial basis in many European countries such as Britain and Germany, the six-day working day is coming from July 1, Monday, in our country as well.

Businesses that continue to operate with rotating shifts can ask employees to work the sixth day of the week with a 40% increase in daily wages.

Processing of six-day jobs will be with digital job card and PS TOOL II system.

In exceptional cases, when the company faces an unpredictably high workload, the sixth working day can be used under the following conditions:

PS ERGANI II must be notified in advance that the business is of a specific category.

Every time it wants to implement a sixth working day, it must notify PS ERGANI II in advance that the company has a particularly increased workload for a certain period. This special condition is notified by the employer to the labor inspector before the employee commences service and is subject to regulation as per the applicable rules.

The six-day work regime applies to five-day work weeks in public bodies, DEKOs, branches of industry and the private sector in continuous operation.

Those working in the tourism and catering industry are excluded. Employees who work on the sixth day will receive a 40% increase in their daily salary, and if the sixth working day is a holiday, an increase of 115%.

Based on Article 25 of Law 5053/23, the implementation of six-day work for five-day workers is planned to start in March 2024, when industrial companies will join the digital work card system.

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However, their entry has been postponed until July, when the six-day working system will come into effect.

What are the conditions for six day work?

From the date of enforcement of the new rule, work on the sixth day of the week will be permitted subject to the following conditions:

  • Compulsory work not exceeding 8 hours per day at PS ERGANI II.
  • The employee is entitled to 40% increased daily wages for the sixth working day.
  • Work on an additional day shall not exceed 8 hours and no overtime or overtime shall be allowed.
  • In establishments with a five-day night shift (24:00-06:00), work on the sixth day of the night shift is not permitted.
  • Employers subject to the provisions of the Act are obliged to record the details of the working hours limits of the employees on the sixth day in the notice of setting of working hours before the employees come to work.

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