Statement by the family of the murdered Panagiotis Stathis

Two authorized lawyers of the family of murdered Panagiotis Stathis issued a statement on behalf of his relatives, asking them to immediately stop any press or other attempts to exploit the brutal murder of our relative and to stop the family’s grief. To be respected by all.

The notification elaborated as follows:

“We regret to note that some “guests” of certain media and programs are reproducing or presenting completely false statements about our murdered husband and father.

We ask that all attempts at journalism or other exploitation of the brutal killing of our loved one stop immediately and respect the grief of our family.

In this context, on the one hand, we ask that journalists not cover the funeral, and on the other hand, that our wishes be respected.

Harassment by the media.

Called EL.AS. The cowardly murder of a great scientist and family man should be immediately investigated on the physical and moral level of the perpetrator.


Leonidas Putsikaris

Andreas Paparrigopoulos

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