The first generation caught copying Rule 2! (pictures)

The First generationNexon’s recently released popular free-to-play shooter has become a hot topic of conversation on social media in recent hours as it uses icons that resemble many others. Rule 2 her Funky.

Specifically, his reporter Forbes, Paul Dassey, who brought the matter to light, collected a series of icons from the two games and pointed out their striking similarities. According to Tassi, while the icons don’t represent the same abilities in each game, their shapes and design elements are similar, with developers saying they took a lot of inspiration from Bungie’s popular shooter.

In his analysis, Tassi also pointed out similarities between several weapons in The First Descendant and Destiny 2. However, he noted that these similarities are minimal compared to icons. Despite the fact that none of Bungie’s icons were directly reused, Nexon’s influence on gameplay is evident, and the community is now continuing to find many instances of such appearances.

Below is a gallery showing the identical icons of the two titles:

Since The First Descendant comes from different games in the genre, such as Warframe and Destiny, it is expected that there will be some overlap in design elements. However, it is the extent of these similarities that has fascinated the community. If more evidence emerges pointing to Bungie’s significant design inspiration, Nexon may be forced to change its sights to avoid a potential backlash.

Descendants launched last week for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, garnering hundreds of ? Thousands of players.

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