The flag favorite at the opening ceremony in Paris, the EOE meets on Tuesday

Olympic Games


Giannis Antetokounmpo was the candidate’s flag bearer for the opening ceremony in Paris, while Miltos Tedoklou politely and prematurely declined for compelling reasons. The Olympic Committee will meet on Tuesday in this regard.

Two weeks ago, Miltos Tedoklou explained that the Hellenic Olympic Committee would not accept the offer of the flag bearer of the Olympic team at the opening ceremony in Paris. The EOE is meeting on Tuesday regarding the matter.

The great Greek jumper thanked the EOE for giving her the honor of being the first athlete to march in the ceremony – as Greece is the country that leads the parade – but explained that she would not be able to hold the flag. Otherwise, he would be a Greek standard bearer.

The jumper from Greveny will be in Paris on the day of the opening ceremony, but he believes these will be very important days for his Olympic training and he doesn’t want to miss a minute of it. Part of a champion’s training is his proper and valuable rest, and the Tokyo Olympic gold medalist doesn’t want to deviate a millimeter from his plan so he doesn’t miss a millimeter on his long jumps. His goal is to climb back up to the first step of the platform and avoid any danger to reach it.

The first flag bearer is overworked and has a series of duties that Tedoglou prefers to avoid in order not to lose concentration. Among them are the entrance to the Olympic Village to activate his card, related procedures, material receipt and most importantly the long wait until the opening ceremony begins, as well as the stay there.

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The EOE meets on Tuesday and will also deal with the nomination of the flag bearer of the Greek Olympic team. After the men’s national basketball team’s qualification in Paris, among the candidates is Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is considered the favorite. The best basketball player on the planet meets many criteria beyond competition to be a flag-grabbing athlete. On Giannis’ face, many symbols of the Olympic Games are highlighted to the maximum. The value of inclusion rises and any perception of exclusion is accelerated.

At the same time, Lefteris Petronias has already carried the Olympic team’s flag in Tokyo, Anna Korakaki is a gold medalist at the Rio Olympics, while Olympic rowing gold medalist Stefanos Duskos is the first torchbearer of the torch relay. Paris and this year, like Tokyo, we have two flag bearers, one male and one female athlete. Among the candidate athletes is pole vault gold medalist, Katerina Stefanidis.

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