The shocking words of Thanasis Papakonstantino at his last concert: “Forget me with songs!” (Video)

Thanasis Papakonstantino gave his last concert yesterday (17/06) at the Vrachon Theater and sent a special message to the people who have accompanied him all these years.

The Thanasis Papakonstantino He ended the “Dionysian Period” tour with a concert at a packed Rocks Theater. Byron Sunday night (6/16) and said goodbye to his audience in a unique way.

“Live in the present! Like there’s no tomorrow! So… put on the songs and forget me!” He said other things and received hearty applause from his friends under the tent.

Known and loved Artist announced that “After years of concerts, with unexpected response and love, The “Dionysian” period is coming to an end».

Yesterday, he interrupted the concert at one point to thank his partners, up and down the stage and those who have been with him all these years.

“Forget me with songs!” “Well, I want to thank you so much! People here today – and people in the past… the greatest thing you’ve done is overlook my flaws – yes, damn it! Period. thank you very much. It’s not easy. See you at the record label next term – at least. But I would like to say the following:- I keep saying it, I will say it one more time.

I think of the response and the love…I think it’s too much! (Laughs) Listen, listen… I’ll explain one more time. What I did was deal with the songs… well, it was a need I couldn’t control…

But I realized that I was doing it for my own existence. I can stand upright on this hard road, is it life? So, in short, creation is a selfish process. I keep saying… Sacrifice is what crowns human existence – guys – I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed anything..

So… Forget Me With Songs! I would also like to thank the partners very much. Both the present and the past have put up with me.

I see different faces here and there, in allies, like sadness and suffering. Don’t be sad! Live in the moment! Live in the present! Like there’s no tomorrow! But, but but… no nonsense, always remember those who came before us and those who will come after us” he said characteristically.

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