Thomas Murk on Gazeta: “The fact that we are the same team and in a better position than last year is in PAOK’s favor” (vid)

Thomas Murk says he is optimistic in front of the Gazeta camera for PAOK in the new season. Mission to the Netherlands: Stavros Soundolitis

The Thomas Murk He enters his fifth year in black and white PAOKHowever, this is his third summer training with him Razvan Lucescu In Holland.

Gazeta is based in the Netherlands with its support Novybet

In the summer of 2022, “Two Heads” was in Apeldoorn, but the Austrian midfielder did not attend the production because he was behind in his homeland due to a personal problem with his father. That season (2022-23) was a rough one for the 29-year-old midfielder, who knew the 15 days of summer training were crucial for the team and the players.

“We are in the first days of preparation, they are difficult days, with hard work in training, we have already played two friendly games, the coach is trying to distribute playing time to all players, it is naturally a difficult period. We, but we continue to work”, He says Thomas Murk speaks magazine For his first results since this year’s Greek Champions production in Horst, Holland.

Entering the process of comparing last year’s production with this year’s, PAOK’s Austrian midfielder does not see big differences, but as he says the team is in better shape.

“It’s a good period, tough, for all football players, double trainings, friendly games every three days, I personally like it a lot, honestly I don’t see a big difference compared to last year’s preparation or previous years. The team is in a very good position, because of the hard work. We may not be fresh in the friendly but we are on a good track and all we have to do is work hard in training.”

Everyone says and insists that the core of the team remains unchanged PAOK Looking ahead to the new season, he also agrees Thomas Murk.

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“Actually, I can say that we are in a better position than last year, because more or less we were the same team. When we won the championship last year, obviously it makes the coach’s job easier, he can do the things he wants very easily in terms of tactics, the whole We are trying to be ready to lay the foundation for the year ยป.

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