72,885 inspections to come by year's end – “targeted” real estate and high crime rates

The audit mechanism of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) has returned to the scheme of tax audit for this year and given specific directions as per its latest circular.

Cases involving sale of real estate, parental benefits, inheritance and donations, prohibited cases at the end of the year, but with high delinquency and potential for collection of high taxes and fines will be prioritized in the enforcement environment. AADE's plan for 72,885 checks by 2024, according to ERT.

Special algorithms, automated final scoring models, and data available to AADE from “internal and external sources” will be used to best effect.

The “hunt” begins in real estate. AADE is accepted by the Taxpayer Tax Office, which reviews all property transfer tax cases, inheritance, donations and parental benefits.

Additionally, detailed instructions are provided:

2,500 checks on transfer of property, inheritance, parental benefits and donations

  • 27,000 full and partial tax audits mainly focused on cases of the last five years (70% of total audits)
  • 25,400 area on-site checks for issuance of receipts and correct fulfillment of tax obligations.

Cases of taxpayers using the 800,000 tax-free allowance for donations and parental benefits will pass through the “penalty sieve”, with violations of at least 10,000 euros and 10% of the price paid in cash. A maximum of 500,000 euros per breach.

They will also check:

  • Cases in which Investigation Reports of Public Revenue Investigation and Assurance Services (YEDDE) have been filed.
  • Confirmatory reports were sent to AADE by the Directorate of Economic Crime Investigation.
  • Based on the taxpayer profile, they want bigger tax refunds.
  • Taxpayers who received VAT refunds without being called for audit, as well as companies that received income tax refunds.
  • Certain on-site audits and cases of non-fulfilment of tax obligations, non-keeping of books and provision of tax information, by taxpayers engaged in any activity or trade in goods.
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Also, 885 investigations related to major tax evasion will be “run”. That means:

  • 470 cases related to opening of bank accounts, processing of seized data and files, provision and receipt of fictitious tax data etc.
  • 105 research cases using new information and data
  • 155 cases on special investigations in the field of e-commerce, ordering sites, mediation sites in the provision of accommodation services and e-commerce in general.
  • 155 investigation cases related to intra-community VAT fraud.

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