A 44-year-old woman has died after stopping in front of her child in the center of Heraklion

He did not succeed and finally died 44 years old Woman Crossing the Street (Grillo Lucarios) from Cornaros Square on Holy Wednesday Morning Heraklionto cross the fountain, The minor collapsed while walking with the child.

The woman was immediately picked up by his mobile unit ECAV A recipient of a call, at the same time 7 year old child Accompanied by a policeman, he was at a nearby cafe when he was shocked to see his mother collapse.

Naturally, the young child could not enter the ambulance with his mother and remained in action in the presence of a police officer until a relative of the unfortunate woman took him away.

According to reports, the boy also has a 17-year-old brother, while his uncle, his mother's brother, who arrived at the scene and all of them left together, accompanied by police from the DIAS team.

The same sources indicate that the woman was already dead when the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

Source: Neakriti.gr

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