A fire burns in the Piria Hills

He is raging for the third day in a row big fire An explosion occurred at noon on Sunday (31/3) in Sarakatsana area Paira Hills, which Heading towards Kosani.

Despite the efforts of the fire brigade, The fire continues without being extinguished Their destructive work in a difficult area full of valleys.

Currently Settlements are not threatenedBut there is strong concern about the tendency to catch fire.

According to the website pierianews.grThe fire is coming from the back of the forest at an altitude of 1800 meters and is moving towards Kosani. Burning one of the oldest forests in the country.

It is noteworthy that in “Sarakatsana” position The place where the fire started is also located SEO Katerinas' Refuge Built into its core Wildlife Sanctuary.

According to fire department sources, the relief of the area characterized by steep slopes and rich vegetation cover, They make the task of marking the circumference difficult.

According to ERT, they are expected to try to put out the fire today Two helicopters.

Also, Ground forces are being strengthened Fire department officials from Thessaloniki and other parts of Central Macedonia and 131 firefighters with 35 vehicles, as well as 8 infantry units, are expected to participate in the extinguishing operation.

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