Asteras 2-0: Varda and Avlonidis in second half and unleashed

Panserraikos secured their position in the new Stoiximan Super League by taking three points against Asteras and escaping from dangerous situations. Varda and Avlonidis were the scorers for Pablo Garcia's side.

Panserraikos got back to winning ways with a 2-0 win over Asteras Tripoli with a 59th-minute penalty from Varda and a 74th-minute goal from Avlonitis. The Lions have escaped a tough spot with 30 points, while the Arcades Stoixmans are on 31 in Super League playouts.

Finals and expected goals in Panzeraikos – Asteras

Both teams had some good moments in the first half with one post each. The visitors were first with Miridelos, who stopped at the post and sent the ball onto Dziftis' crossbar with a powerful shot from inside the 40' Diamantis area.

The look of both teams didn't change in the second half either, but Panzeraikos took advantage of the phases they were given to keep these important three points in the division.

Two teams from one position in the first part

The game started slowly. Asteras tried to rotate the ball and Panzeraikos pressed for steals, although both teams created few chances in the first half.

Asteras had his first good moment in the 6th minute of the game with Miridelos having a shot from inside the area that was stopped by Hoven. Both teams struggled to create chances at home runs.

In the 38th minute, Panzeraikos' first threat came from a good shot by Stoykos. In the 40th minute, the home side had a chance to score, but Diamondi's shot from inside the area rattled Ciftzi's post. There were three finals for both teams to score in the final minutes, but neither team scored, and both teams went to the locker room with the score at zero.

Panzeraikos cleaned it up in the second half

The second half followed the same pattern and the first notable moment was a penalty won by Panzeraikos via VAR for Jablonski's handball. Ward took and hit the target.

Asteras tried to get something out of the match, but was a little threatened by Hovan's shots. In the 70th minute, Jablonski's effort went wide, but four minutes later, Avlonidis scored the second goal to win the game.

Statistics and better performance

panseraikos: Hovan, Deligiannidis, Bergström, Diamantis (46' Avlonitis), Petaurakis, Moreira (82' tr. Ouedraogo), Staikos, Gouleri (66' Tomas), Hatzistravos (66' Sofianos), Warda, Betancourt (75' Alexics).

Asteras Tripoli: Tsiftsis, Garthia, Kastanio, Christopoulos (60' Atienta), Alvares, Alagbe (79' Gos), Sourlis (Giablonski), Kaltsas, Bartolo (79' Manzis), Palasios (60' Crespi), Miritelo.

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