Before I went to Berklee, I had Marina Satya as my singing teacher

She was inspired as “Metaxia” in the series “The Witch” and now plays the role of Juliet. Kalliopi Haska sat on Eleni Menegaki’s couch today (14.05.2024).

“I started with music and dance, then I came to Athens and studied them. Then I did a random act, and I was like, “That’s it: acting!” I went to Berkeley and acted,” says Kaliop Haska at the beginning, revealing the relationship that connects her with Marina Sati.

“Before I went to Berkeley, Marina Satti was a professor,” the actress told Eleni Menakagi.

“I was good at studies and I really liked school. I knew I was going to study in the arts department. I’m sure the right things will come,” she continued, while also talking about the scholarship she received in the United States.

“I saw it myself. I prepared, auditioned and got a scholarship. My mother was a university student, but she was very much in love with art. She gave me all the inspiration. So getting someone to get a scholarship was not accidental. I also went to classes and studied from my home. “

He got the role in “The Witch” because he was chasing… “I was in America and I’m going back. I sent a CV to all the casting directors in Greece saying, ‘I think I’d be a good fit for the job you’re producing.’

Kalliopi Haska stars in “Romeo and Juliet,” which returns to Athens and Concert Hall from May 16 to 19, after sold-out shows in Turkey. It is a joint production of Greece and Turkey.

“We’re doing a show in Megaro, which we’re doing in collaboration with the Turkish State Theater, which has sent us a wonderful cast, and we’re doing a trilingual show.

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Romeo’s family is Turkey, Juliet’s family is Greece and we communicate in English. We have a lot of language drama. I love this role, I’ve been dreaming about it since school,” insisted Kalliobi Haska.

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