Charge sheet against 9 accused

9 defendants to blame for deadly loft fire The prosecutor of the three-member criminal court of Athens suggested, A total of 12 people should be released including the regional governor of Attica, Rena Touro, and the mayor of Marathon, Ilias Bissinakis.

According to the prosecutor, his actions have been proven Serial involuntary manslaughtershe Personal injury due to negligence And his Arson by negligence On occasion: Sot. Terzoudis (President of PS), V. Matthaiopoulos (Vice President of PS) Io. Fosieri (President of ESKE), Nik. Panayiotopoulos (President of the PS), Sir. Sioni (President of PS), V. Thanasias (Deputy Mayor of Marathon), Evag. Burnus (Mayor of Rafina – Pigermio), Ant. Balbatsi (Vice Mayor of Rafina), Kon. Angelopoulos (Resident of Penteli)

Accordingly, he recommended acquittal from the case: Ch. Golfino (responsible for PA grounds), Phil. Panteleako (Director of Civil Defense PS), Dam. Papadopoulos (PS), Chr. Lamprey (PS), Chr. Drosopoulos (Flame 1 helicopter pilot), G. Bordosoudis (aircraft commander), Steph. Kolokuri (Commander of 1st Army), Sir. Syrogianni (ELAS Air Force Commander), Io. Kapakis (General Secretary of Civil Defense), Rena Dourou (Attica Regional Governor), Il. Psinaki (Mayor of Marathon) and Dim. Stergiou – Kapsalis (Mayor of Penteli).

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Discharge to Ilias Psinakis

He proposed a complete release to Ilias Pisinakis. Mayor of Marathon. Among other things, as the public prosecutor explained, “he transferred the relevant responsibility for cleaning to the Deputy Mayor of Networks and Cleanliness, V. Thanasias, who is solely responsible for these issues. There is no question of co-current competence, but exclusive competence, which rests exclusively on Deputy Mayor Thanasias, He should be convicted”. He said that the respective municipality has no authority to inform the citizens about the fire hazard and non-assistance in the rescue plan. The municipality should help by providing information according to the information received responsibly from competent officials working in the field. The same applies to rescue operations. It does not appear that assistance was requested and not provided by the municipality.

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According to the counsel, there was no question of negligence contributing to the decision regarding the construction of old and installation of new fire hydrants. Finally, regarding the lack of an official civil defense plan, he argued, “It is the responsibility of every municipality to develop periodic drills to train citizens and organizations in procedures. Marathon Municipality has drawn up an appropriate plan, but it has not conducted a drill, which is an omission. However, this decision may arise from this omission.” It is difficult to conclude that the failure to exercise caused the death of the citizens. I believe that this omission did not determine the final result.”

Blame the mayor of Rafina

Rafina – Conviction of Mayor Evangelos Bornos of the Municipality of BigermioFor providing false information leading to gratuitous false information.

Panagiotis Maniatis reiterated that information and rescue operations were the responsibility of the fire department, however, as he said, for the specific accused, an additional element emerged from the process: the mayor made informational interventions in the Pan-Hellenic media. Information on fire progress. “Both of his positions do not correspond to reality and do not appreciate how things have developed. Especially in the second intervention, the fire was already burning the residences. However, the accused, in his corporate capacity as a non-commissioned officer, provided information far from the truth. Many sought information through television networks, “Needless to say, those who listened to the accused were satisfied to hear that there was no need to evacuate as the fire was going in the opposite direction,” the lawyer explained. “His zeal to inform became unrelated to what was happening in the field. It was not information from the official body, but from other sources. I think everyone understands that there is a need for more responsibility from the people who are responsible, especially for an ongoing event.”

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According to the prosecutor, the accused mayor misinformed the public and aggravated the failure to provide information. “The self-governing body acts as a complement if it receives information responsibly, otherwise it should stay away as it creates confusion and disorientation,” he explained.

Also, suggested the crime of ant. PalpitationCivil Defense Deputy Mayor of Rafina Municipality – Pikermi, he did not have enough supervision over the destroyed plots.

such as Mayor of Bendeley, Tim. Stergiou-Kapsalis asked for a declaration of innocence He discharged all duties arising from his office. Among other things, he said that all the plots were cleaned keeping in mind the summer season, while the mayor took preventive measures to inform the citizens about the weather in advance, announcements and safety instructions to the citizens.

conclusion, To Konstantinos Angelopoulos, accused of starting the fire, the prosecutor pleaded guilty. “The official and reliable version was captured by the post-mortem report. It was ruled out that the fire started from electric cables,” the prosecutor pointed out, describing it as “criminally irresponsible”, burning branches on a day with danger code 4. .citizens who think they can conquer the elements of nature,” he opined and spoke of “false allegations” on the part of the accused.

“It is only a logical conclusion that the defendant started the fire with the intention of burning the branches from the trees on his property. The story of his absence does not arise, in my opinion. The purchase receipts he provided were anonymous and did not confirm that he used the card, he could have used it for a third party to use it,” he concluded. : “From a human point of view I understand fear. The disgrace and stigma of his action prevented him from making an honest record of what he had done.”

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