Demis Nikolaidis: Olympiacos-Panathinaikos – Football – Stoiximan Super League – His opinion on Panathinaikos

Impressed by Panathinaikos' performance in win over Olympiakos (1-3) “G. Karaiskakis”, left o Demis Nicolaides.

The veteran commentated and analyzed the derby at the Faleri Stadium, with his Nova Show making the best of it. Mood Shown by “greens”. He stood in thought Jose Luis Mendibar to begin Two attackersShe explained that she was good but Vasco didn't come out to the technician.

«I have left out Panathinaikos's verbiage And his appearance. Probably the best performance this year, because competition is so important. They came in with the idea and “want” that I should get this match. And they succeeded and showed us that performance-based decision is also justified. Impressive In my opinion the appearance of Panathinayakos.

Panathinaikos knew that they had to win this match or their chances of a championship would be greatly reduced – and it was so important. Apart from performance and some good goals, we have to keep Panathinaikos out of the match Mood With that he entered the match and he managed against the run of the game as he was trailing in the score and managed to win this match easily. Because not only did he turn it over, he made it 1-3 and then wasn't threatened, some long shots.

How to tell? “It shone in their eyes”; That is what Panathinayak gave me. He is very determined and fresh, strong, good at duels. It was impressive that he turned it around so easily after going behind in the score. Of course, there was also Olympiakos, who was not on his best day, he was tired, Mediliber has work to do. I expect this kind of performance and good luck for Olympiakos, they haven't been good in other competitions. I understand this”, he said of Panathinaikos at the beginning: “He declared himself “present” in the championship. Because, again, he can't come back if he loses. It will be very difficult. And seeing him like this? It has to be kept. Can he keep it? Getting a team to play well is a very difficult thing. If he keeps it, we are talking about becoming a league».

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And he added:I didn't expect Panathinaiko to be this good or Olympiako to be this bad. What impressed me most about the match was the lack of reaction from Olympiakos at 1-3.. No reaction, just like surrender. Another team with no energy. Panathinaikos is very fast and decisive. Perez was one of the best players in the game for me as he paced the game throughout the first half. He had players to help him next to him, Perez on the other hand had no players to help him in midfield.

Medlibar looked to put pressure on the Panathinaikos stoppers with a second striker. Good thinking before the match, but we saw it didn't work for him in the game. On the one hand, he was missing a midfielder, and on the other hand, he presented a second center forward with El Gabi, a player who plays in the area, ultimately making his job and life in the competition more difficult. This is because when another center forward plays next to El Gabi, for example Navarro, it means that El Gabi has less space. Putting another center forward is a completely different competition to any other forward. It has happened to me too. It's a different matchup, it's not bad, but it's a different game. Third, like PAOK, Olympiakos lacked freshness and energy”.

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