Dragon's Den – HadjiStephanie Played Selling Her Products: “Are we paying you a commission without my knowledge?”

The most surreal moment in two years of Dragon's Den was by Mariah HotzStephanie!

In front of the investors on Friday night's new episode of Dragon's Den, Vyas Stratis pitches his own idea and decides to walk away with the best offer. However, as he presented what was on his mind in detail and in detail, the entrepreneur piqued the special interest of player Maria Hodgistefani in the reality show.

This is because the founder of the money-saving-by-shopping platform revealed that Dragon's Den investor and CEO of Rodial Group was already working on his own company without his knowledge! “We already have the largest Greek airline on the platform, the largest hotel booking website and Mrs. Hadzistefani,” Vyas said, addressing the investors in front of him.

“Do you have any Rodial items? Where did you get them?' Maria Hodgistefani was surprised, surprised, and jokingly insisted, Harris Wafias, “Um, you're sleeping, the other one is selling Rodial.”

“Nobody asked me if I wanted to be on Apobo (competitor's platform). Wait a minute! Are we also paying commission without your knowledge?” A Dragon's Den investor was asked to instantly get a positive response from a contestant in an entirely natural way on the entrepreneurial reality show hosted by Sakis Tanimanidis on ANT1.

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