Greek Mafia: Skaftouros and Rubetis These are the people arrested for the murders

Today, Greek police released the names and photos of 8 members of the criminal organization responsible for the murders, explosions and arson.

These are basically executors and other members thereof Greek Mafia, According to an ERT report, involved in his murder Yannis ScafturoKnown by the nickname “Uncle Joe”.

Uncle Joe and Rubetis

Yannis Skaftouros was one of the key executives of the “Greek Mafia” and according to the Greek police, he was a close associate of the Greek Mafia's capo dei Kbi, Vassilis Stepanako (who was murdered in 2018), as well as a Panagiotis Vlastos. He was murdered in 2022 in Tervenochoria.

The 8 arrested are believed to be involved in the murder of Vassilis Roubetis and his son-in-law Dionysis Moussakidis in Koridalos. He is the “first boy” of Stephanakos and Skaftouros and killed a 22-year-old Panathinaikos fan in 2007. He was convicted of first-degree murder, but not sent to prison. The trial of the second instance was set for June 19, 2023 at the Nafplio Appellate Mixed Jury Court.

Elements of 8

The police were collecting information about the two murders and the murders He was arrested in January.

For those arrested, information from a previous case of attempted murder in Piraeus and genetic material found on a motorcycle found after the murder of Vassilis Rubetis were used. The developments prompted the 44-year-old's fatal contract at Neos Cosmos last January.

This morning he released the full details of those arrested.

you can Check them out here.

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