Heat wave: Schools closed in Athens municipality on Wednesday

The heat wave already affecting the country will continue for the next 24 hours and schools in the municipality of Athens will be closed.

In particular, the Wednesday (12/06) and The Thursday (13/06) Primary schools and kindergartens are suspendedDue to prevailing extreme weather conditions.

A press release issued by the Corporation in this regard:

“Academic activities of all elementary schools in the municipality of Athens are suspended on Wednesday, June 12 and Thursday, June 13 in view of the impending heat wave.

The situation for Friday, June 14 will be reviewed on Thursday.”

Similar decisions are said to have been taken by other municipalities-regions in the country due to the heat.

Earlier, the National Weather Service According to the latest forecast, it issued an update ahead of the severe weather advisory at noon Tuesday. It is pointed out that there are no significant differences for the heat wave over the previous one.

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Emergency bulletin for heat

An extended field of high pressure covering the coasts of Africa and the central Mediterranean and accompanied by very warm air masses is expanding further eastward and will cause extremely high temperatures in our country till Friday (14-6-2024). Inland Greece has high temperaturesMainly in the central and southern regions, areas not affected by sea breezes.


1. Temperature on Tuesday (11-6-2024) will reach:

A. In the northern mainland, 36 to 37 degrees and in Central Macedonia, 38 degrees Celsius.

B. 36 to 38°C in western Styria and western Peloponnese.

c. 39 to 40 in eastern Styria, Thessaly and eastern Peloponnese and 41 degrees Celsius inland.

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E. Temperatures range from 34 to 36 degrees Celsius in the island nation, 37 to 38 degrees Celsius inland in the Dodecanese, and 39 degrees Celsius in the interior of Crete.

2. The temperature will peak with both maximum and minimum values ​​on Wednesday (12-6-2024) and Thursday (13-6-2024).

A. In the northern continental areas, the maximum value of the temperature will be between 37 and 39 degrees and in central Macedonia will be 40 degrees on Wednesday, while its minimum values ​​will be between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius.

B. Maximum temperatures range from 38 to 40 degrees in Western Styria and Western Peloponnese and 41 to 42 degrees in Thessaly with minimum values ​​ranging from 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

c. In Eastern Styria and Eastern Peloponnese, the maximum temperature ranges from 41 to 42 degrees and in places up to 43 degrees, while its minimum values ​​range from 27 to 29 degrees Celsius.

E. Maximum temperature values ​​range from 35 to 37 degrees Celsius in the island nation, 38 to 39 degrees Celsius in the eastern Aegean and Dodecanese islands, and 40 to 42 degrees Celsius inland in Crete. Its minimum values ​​range from 27 to 29 degrees Celsius.

e. In Attica, the maximum temperature on Thursday will be between 40 and 41 degrees Celsius in the interior and 42 degrees Celsius, and 3 to 5 degrees lower in the coastal areas.

3. her Friday (14-6-2024) The temperature will drop in the West, Central and North, but in other areas it will be at a very high level, while from the afternoon weather change is expected in Northern Greece with storms with strong winds.

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A. In northern continents, the maximum value of temperature ranges from 34 to 36 degrees, while its minimum values ​​range from 24 to 26 degrees Celsius.

B. In the rest of the mainland, maximum temperatures range from 36 to 38 degrees, in the interior of Styria, Thessaly and the Peloponnese, 39 degrees Celsius, with minimum values ​​ranging from 25 to 27 degrees.

c. The maximum temperature ranges from 34 to 36 degrees in the island nation, 37 to 39 and 40 degrees in the Eastern Aegean, Dodecanese and Crete islands, while its minimum values ​​range from 27 to 28 degrees Celsius.

It is significant Weekend Across the country, temperatures will drop by 6 to 8 degrees, returning to normal for the season. At the same time, strong northerly winds will prevail.

How does a heat wave form?

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