I got an email saying 'Fix My Berry'

A guest was discovered on Tuesday (05/02) noon ERT show “Studio 4”. Maria Canellopoulo.

Among other things, the well-known actress spoke about her last guest appearance on the show in question and focused on a specific message she received from a woman. It was particularly offensive.

“The last time I came here I had a terrible thought. That's when I realized how many people watch the show, how many people love it, and how many people love me too. Except for my son-in-law, who loved me so much and said, 'Maraki, do you know what you deserve? You It was like talking here in our kitchen. You don't pretend things. That's true. I have no excuses, I'm not hiding anything.

She leaves a lady in my email, it's been the same since I was an MP, she tells me 'Mate, you've made so much money, why don't you go and fix your bad berry?' First, he tells me that you earned so much money, where do I say?

At another point in her interview, Maria Canellopoulos spoke about the suffering she suffered because of it Long covid symptoms What effect did it have on her psychology?

“I did '22 covid and the long covid summer with a really hard life. I had a really hard time not getting over the illness I was so sick of. I got pneumonia but I didn't because other people came to para five. I was in a terrible panic for a year with so many problems. I lost jobs for a long time. A At the point I said: Christ, now I feel a little better, send me a job.

Of all the things I've done, what the WHO describes as brain fog has cost me the most as a symptom. I couldn't concentrate and drive. Suppose I go to my village and read ten books and some in the first summer, I have the second ten books in front of me, look around five pages, and go back again to see what I have read. I am the one who memorizes poems.

I was very scared and scared. It brought to the surface a lot of depression and difficulty communicating. When I started crying a doctor told me Mr. CANELLOPOULO You are sick, you have not committed a crime, why feel so guilty? They said to me: Come on kid, you're at the beach, what if you can't drive? I said if I get into a car or hit someone I'll take a taxi. Something I can't share. I enjoyed it and absorbed it. I frantically said I wasn't going to learn that line.

I visited Kalavridan Hospital four times. I had a fast heart, shortness of breath, and I couldn't walk. To walk 20 meters to my house, I stopped three times. I couldn't breathe“, he added.

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