Italy: Pitbulls attack one-year-old child – mother injured as she tries to save her

A 13-month-old boy died in Salerno, southern Italy, after two pit bulls mauled him to death.

While the boy was in his uncle's arms, two dogs, as he was leaving the house, attacked him and snatched the child from his arms. However, the child's uncle was not injured.

The mother ran to save her child but was unable to do so and was also injured. He was taken to the hospital in a state of shock and is being treated.

As Skytg24 reports, the dogs were in a neighboring yard when they escaped and attacked the child.

The Salerno public prosecutor's office has opened an investigation focusing on a woman who owned two dogs and left them unattended.

People gathered at the scene of the attack (source:

“People who own such dogs should be very careful.”

“This is a tragedy that has shocked the whole community,” said Mario Conte, the mayor of Empoli, “and unfortunately it should be a warning to those who own these special, special needs dogs.”

“Those who have them should be very careful. We lost a small child here and it affects everyone. From what I can tell, there have been no serious incidents,” he added.

And he added: “It was a brutal attack and the child's uncle tried to intervene and free him but nothing could be done.”

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The veterinary service seized the two dogs that attacked the unfortunate boy.

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