Konstantinos Floros: Free as long as companion

Independent MP Constantinos Floros, accused of violence against a political figure, was released after apologizing.

The investigator and prosecutor stipulated that he should not come more than 50 meters from the Hellenic solution, Vassilis Grammenos.

The accused went to the court in the afternoon to apologize.

Constantinos Floros stayed overnight at GADA, detained after a violent attack on another member of parliament.

What do we know about the case?

Mr. Occurred during the debate over Velopoulos' immunity waiver. An officer of the navy.

According to the same information, Mr. Vassilis Grammenos was sued for defamation and defamation by the press. sued Floros' father.

During the episode, obscene expressions were heard from both Konstantinos Floros and Vasilis Gramenos.

What do both sides represent?

Vassilis Grammenos complained that he was assaulted and punched by the independent MP. In fact, according to the medical declaration, a fracture of the nasal bones and a broken wrist were diagnosed.

According to Constantinos Floros, the reason he attacked Vassilis Gramenos was because he bad-mouthed him about his mother. But at the same time he vehemently denied assault. She only admitted to grabbing him by the collar and throwing him to the ground.

Why the family feud between Velopoulos and Floros?

Constantinos Floros' father was a candidate for the Hellenic Settlement and was one of its founding members. Efstathios Floros broke up with Kyriakos Velopoulos in 2022.

He alleged non-transparent procedures and expelled him from the party despite his offer. He later founded his own party, the “Hellenic Patriotic Solution”. He later sued the head of the Hellenic Solution for defamation through a social media account.

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