Kos: Signs of Sexual Abuse in a Dead Child

In Thriller His case develops Mysterious death A year Infants At MrThe doctors observed that the child was brought Abrasions and generalized Juices on different parts of his body Signs Any “scene” Sexual abuse. The parents have been arrested and investigations are in full swing.

The Chronicles

It all happened on Saturday afternoon when the child's mother found the child unconscious. Then she started screaming and trying to retrieve the child, the tenants of the apartment building heard her and rushed to help.

At 20:15 Mom called ECAVThe rescue team is coming 10 minutes later. They found that the child was not breathing and applied the relevant protocols Resurrection.

What did the doctors find?

According to the police, at 20:32, the child was handed over to the pediatrician. KOS GENERAL HOSPITALwho established existence Undigested food in his respiratory systemNo result Oxygen flow. Despite their efforts, the baby was born at 8:45 p.m.

During the examination, doctors found bruises and general ecchymosis on various parts of his body and looseness of the anal ring. The police were immediately informed and doctors confirmed the discovery.

Parents said

Parents in the hospital were brought He told the police that the injuries to the police department and the child They came from both feet He received from Her brother, age 2from one Some accidentsWhen about Anal ring They professed ignorance.

Also received 10 Confessions and the hospital doctor, rescuers and tenants who came to help the family.

At the same time, it was ordered Postmortem An autopsy will be carried out today at the Rhodes Coroner's Service.

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Further, Investigations are underway And at the family's home, the preliminary investigation continues as Goose briefs the court attorney on the case.Until we know exactly what happened.

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